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Our Projects

Location: Kings Lynn, Springwood
Date: 25th September 2017
The work carried out near Springwood included the
removal of several trees at the front of the property as they
where creating damage to vehicles on both driveways.
Due to this damage to both properties, our team removed all
of the trees apart from the two finest specimens.
We then replanted a new privet hedge for the client.
All hedging was sourced locally from moat road nurseries.
Our team then moved to the back garden to remove
over hanging trees that were encroaching into the clients

(West Winch, Kings Lynn, Norfolk)

We spent one day working at West Winch completing a variety of tasks including:
• Crown raise and crown reduction on four ash trees, five oak trees, one birch tree and one walnut tree.
• Coppicing on three small hazel trees
• Felled out twisted hazel next to allotment plot and large out building.
• All the brash was chipped on site and larger limbs logged and stacked.
• Machinery used on this job: Timber wolf chipper

Location: Kings Lynn Earthworks Gallery

Date: 22 December 2018

The photos opposite show the work carried out by the team at Earthworks gallery. The work included the removal of buddleia from exterior walls; we used Eco plugs max (these are glyphosate pegs) that are used to safely kill stumps. We used the Eco plugs to prevent water contamination and to make sure the buddleia doesn't re-grow.

We used had saws at this job - this meant the team was able to reduce water contamination and to ensure we didn't damage the wall.

(Oak reduction Burnham market)

Date: 30th November 2018

The work carried out on these two oak tree was the following:

 - Reduced the overall size on the canopy by 20% meaning the tree shape was much more aesthetically pleasing,

 - As well as reducing the height of the crown we thinned the center meaning the garden is much lighter and all the limbs are spaced appropriately. 

 - All of the crossing and rubbing limbs were removed or reduced to stop disease entering the tree and causing long term problems.

 - The dead wood and damaged limbs were taken out this makes the tree safer to the customer when using there beautiful garden. 

 - Once at the bottom of the tree we raised both trees crowns meaning it is safer to walk under and has better clearance when mowing the grass. 

Location: Chilver house, Bawsey

Date: 26th March - 3rd April 2019  

The team removed two large grey poplars from the corner of the garden via sectional  dismantle (using a cherry picker). All waste was chipped and left on site per customer request. Additionally, all stumps were removed, dug out and taken off site so the ground could be leveled.

The team used a 360 excavator with a hydraulic grab to move rings of timber which were stacked for splitting into firewood. 

All ground when job was complete was leveled with 360 excavator by use of blade and then the ground was chain harrowed so it could be re-seeded.

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