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Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are removed using stump grinders which grind the stump into chippings, effectively removing the tree stump. Our team use the Most suitable grinder for your access to remove your stumps and surface roots with the minimal amount of ground displacement.

our team can also remove all waste from where the stump was & fill in the hole in with quality top soil & turf it over or plant a new tree of your choice from our suppliers.


Ecoplug Max Tree Stump Killer

Our Team of specialists use Ecoplug Max® stump killer which is a highly effective patented tree stump killer that basically stops new growth coming back from the stump.

A plug with granular glyphosate herbicide is inserted into the stump to kill it and to stop any re growth, because once we cut down your tree you don't want it to re-sprout two mounts later this often happens with trees such as willow & elder.


It can be used all year round, with minimal use of herbicides and no contamination to the water table which means great for use near rivers and in gardens where the owners have pets.

  • 100% effective on all leaf trees

  • It can be applied in all seasons and weathers

  • Eliminates all leaf trees

  • Kills the entire root system of the treated stump or tree

Ecological benefits

  • 100% selective method.

  • No spillage of chemicals.

  • No risk of damage to the surrounding nature or wild life.

  • No risk for those who do the work to come in contact with the active substance

  • ECOPLUG is approved to be used by individuals like our selves.

  • ECOPLUG contains a well-documented active substance that is broken down completely by nature itself.

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