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River & wetland Tree Works are carried out by our team of highly skilled & trained operators.

These works can be done from the bank of the river, floating pontoon or a work barge some of these works we carrie out by kayak if the space is very confined and there is poor access to the channle.

When working on the water it is important to minimize water pollution/contamination as much as possible so the team us bio chain oil & aspen fuel as these are 99% Environmentally & don't harm wildlife should any get into the water table.

Reason to manage trees near the river or water course

Over hanging or fallen trees can cause blockages to the channel that restrict water flow which can lead to water backing up. This could result in flooding which can cause erosion up stream or property damage.

we recomend removing over hanging limbs that touch the water so eg raising the crown so no limbs are touching the water and affecting the flow.

Fallen trees in the water are all we & good but can cause the same problems as above such as erosion & flooding.

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